CineCoup: What’s New for Filmmakers, Fans… and Composers!
J. Joly (CEO & Founder) discusses the design, development and deployment of the CineCoup pilot. Updates will include: the challenges of putting “Wolfcop” (and other projects) into production, new features for both filmmakers and fans, and a sneak peek at an innovative module for composers and musicians to be involved with creating the soundtracks for CineCoup projects.

J. will also discuss CineCoup’s plans for expansion into Quebec and international markets. Not to be missed by creative film and music entrepreneurs interested in disrupting linear (re: traditional) media models.
Speaker: J. Joly

Colouring the Web
In a time where exciting things like HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design are at the top of everyone’s minds, a complex topic like colour can easily be brushed aside by designers, developers, and clients alike. When used appropriately, it can be a powerful method of communication with strong persuasive effects, but when used inappropriately, the effects can be much more serious than you think.

In this session we’ll learn a variety of important things to remember when working with colour on the web — things like colour theory, message and meaning, accessibility, coding tips, and even the dreaded topic of colour management — proving that colour needs to be considered in every step of our design process.
Speaker: Geri Coady

Computational Reality
The digital revolution is over. The bits won and have invaded every aspect of our life, changing the essence of how we live, work, and play. Information is no longer confined to the pixels on our screens. Instead the entire physical world, even living and breathing matter, are being infused with data demanding new, unprecedented forms of

Ivan is inventing and designing technologies and interactive experiences for a new brave world world where digital and physical are seamlessly merging. The scope of his investigations is broad. He has have investigated sensing and actuation, visual and tactile, the future of manufacturing, energy harvesting, and the fine art of growing tropical plants. Although everything he develops has immediate applications in the world of today, it is the dream of a better and brighter tomorrow, a “conditional optimism“ for the human race emphasized by Walt Disney himself, which drives his work.
Speaker: Ivan Poupyrev

Connecting With The Crowd
On January 4th 2013 Frontier, one of the world’s leading independent video-game creators, closed its ‘Elite: Dangerous’ Kickstarter campaign with the highest ever crowd-funding ‘ask’ successfully achieved. David explains how they fostered the initial relationship with the crowd of backers during the Kickstarter campaign; have subsequently continued to extend the relationship by embracing the crowd community in some surprising ways as development progresses and the company successfully IPO’d in July; and how they plan to deepen the engagement still further upto launch and beyond. And if he can twist a few arms he’ll illustrate proceedings with some glimpses of the game, too…
Speaker: David Walsh

Create For Your Type
Creative Director, speaker and author Jason Theodor explores the eight Creative Types and how they affect the creative process. What are the biggest barriers to creativity? How can we come up with many ideas fast? Why do we need a focus? And in what ways can we be more original? Jason dissects the very notion of creativity and points out exercises and practices that can help anyone create more, better, and different.
Speaker: Jason Theodor

Creating Truly Innovative Experiences
Digital technology continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Our screens are getting smaller and smaller. The sheer number of device options is overwhelming. Consumer demand for device integration is about to explode. How do businesses and marketers keep pace and create new meaningful experiences to drive their message? Regardless of technologies like Google Glass, Apple iWatch, touchscreen windows, motion sensors, brain wave readers, and so much more… the principles of creating great innovative human experiences remain the same. Let’s review the art and the science of this process for businesses, marketers, and designers alike.
Speaker: Adam Kruszynski

Designers Could Change the World
Design has never before affected society and culture as much and as fast as it does today. Small changes in design can have a huge impact on culture. Designers today now have an opportunity to change the way we live life completely. Are we prepared to take on this responsibility?
Speaker: Alex Beim

Developing requirements for mobile applications (Part of Startup Operations)
If you ever find yourself wondering what the key factors that drive a successful app development are, this workshop is for you. MindSea’s founder Bill Wilson and Lead Designer Reuben Hall will walk you through the steps necessary to plan for and launch a successful app for your business. MindSea Development delivers beautiful, entertaining, informative mobile apps, which are often featured by Apple and are highly rated by over one million users worldwide.
Speaker: Bill Wilson & Reuben Hall

Embracing Instability: Responsive Design as Ideology
Responsive design as product (thing) – the result of practical technique – has received extensive industry attention. We have also examined how designer and developer must respond (act) within the context of a responsive design project process.

Building upon these discussions, this talk explores the principles and intentions that underpin responsive design, elevating the conversation to the level of design ideology (mindset). How can a responsive design mindset positively impact flexible & creative thinking, client relationships, accessibility and other design considerations?
Speaker: Erik von Stackelberg

Fireside chat on funding opportunities in Atlantic Canada (Part of Startup Strategy)
Speakers: Jevon MacDonald and Patrick Keefe

From JEDI to JFDI (Part of Startup Strategy)
Investors and startup entrepreneurs need each other like the desert needs the rain. Yet psychological and economic motivations can sometimes be at odds. Thomas will talk about his experience on both sides and provide tips on how we can all just get along.
A former VC, Thomas recently made the jump to startup life. His company Pathmata builds mobile retail e-commerce products that give brands the power to get shoppers what they want. In his spare time Thomas likes wearing Ray-Bans, teaching his daughter about Star Wars, and running quickly.
Speaker: Thomas Rankin

Fun, Failure, and Forging Ahead
In his career, Grant Skinner has dabbled in hacking, design, code, UX, digital art, micro electronics, computer vision, teaching, open source, consulting, entrepreneurship, and occasionally even taking time off.

He’s won a few awards, spoken at a metric ton of conferences, built a successful business, worked with some really cool clients, and most recently led a major open source project. Grant hasn’t founded the next Facebook, become a world-renowned artist, or revolutionized (well, anything, really), but he’s avoided failing too spectacularly, has made significant contributions to his industry, and had a lot of fun doing it.

This talk meanders through Grant’s life, examining the highs and lows, fun experiments, bad clients, and the ongoing struggle to figure out “what do I want to be when I grow up”. There’ll be lots of hard-won wisdom, visual experiments, lame jokes, and pointless anecdotes. Because hey, if designers can do “biopic” talks, so can developers. Amiright?
Speaker: Grant Skinner

The Future of Marketing is Happening at Startups
Once upon a time, the best marketing on the planet was being done by big brands. Now, buyers don’t trust brands the way they used to and they know how to become better informed about what to buy, often without even talking to the vendor. Learn how startup marketers have become the trailblazers for a new approach to marketing, one where science trumps art, agility beats size and where marketing is no longer contained inside one department.
Speaker: Amrita Chandra

Grabbing Attention for your Startup with little Budget
The recipe for Startup success is easy. Have a great product/service and make sure everyone knows about it. Pretty simple huh? For those who still need some help, this talk will cover a few simple techniques for grabbing attention and making sure people know your company exists so they can find about your great product or service. The format of the talk will be a quick talk with a Q&A at end with the opportunity to ask Saul Colt for specific help on how to apply these techniques to your specific company. So please come with some questions.
Speaker: Saul Colt

Growth Hacking (Part of Startup Operations)
Learn how to implement growth hacking strategies in product, marketing, and life. This talk will explore the basics of growth hacking and various case studies. Patrick Hankinson is a founder at Compilr and Tether. He successfully grew Tether into a mutli-million dollar business and grew Compilr from 0 to 200,000 users.
Speaker: Patrick Hankinson

Habits of Highly Effective YouTubers
Artists and brands can use YouTube in a variety of different ways to build their audience, engage with their fans and monetize. Ipsa will walk through the most effective methods and techniques.
Speaker: Ipsa Desai and Soo Been Kim

Herding Cats 101
It’s time to talk about our favourite elephant in the room – process- or maybe even a lack there of? Lets address every buzz word imaginable when it comes to team process and workflows – starting at Ideation and ending at Agile. This session will take a look at common issues in the project process including planning, scope, team workflows, communication, dynamics and present potential solutions or obvious considerations. Everything is fair game, let no discipline leave unscathed.
Speaker: Stacey Mulcahy

How To Start Or Grow A Unique Business, Passion Or Idea With Little-To-No Start Up Money
Why have thousands of customers from around the world chosen to get the Johnny Cupcakes’ logos tattooed on themselves? And how does Johnny get hundreds of people to camp outside his fake bakeries? Over the past decade Johnny Cupcakes, founded by speaker Johnny Earle, has grown from a “joke” to a multi-million dollar, highly exclusive t-shirt brand driven by a community of world-wide collectors. Johnny shares his story of how he took his t-shirt brand from the trunk of his rusty car at age 19, with a learning disability, to some of the world’s most sought after retail locations.

In this session, Johnny will piece together how his success reinforces the power of details, experience and loyalty. Through his inspiring, and certainly unpredictable journey, Johnny exudes the fundamental connection between the person and the brand. Johnny’s presentation provides comprehensive blueprints for getting any small business, passion or idea off the ground, while also expanding the way existing creators think.

Johnny has been recognized for his innovative business strategies where he has been named America’s #1 Young Entrepreneur by BusinessWeek as well as placed #237/500 in Inc. Magazine’s top 500 fastest growing independent businesses. Boston Globe recently named Johnny as one of the 30 most innovative businessmen in Massachusetts. Johnny Cupcakes has also been featured on NPR, MTV, CNN, FORBES, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Web Marketing for Dummies, New York Times, MSNBC, Wired Magazine, WWD, NYLON, Computer Arts, Los Angeles Times & as a case study in numerous text books.
Speaker: Johnny Cupcakes

Hyperblender – The Collision of Art and Technology
Throughout time, major influencers and artists have sought to leverage visual experiences to connect them – and reinforce their relevance – to the masses. In his talk, Leviathan’s Jason White will briefly explore humans’ history of creating transformative visual experiences which have moved people to believe, participate and directly engage in the world around them. Today, fully dimensional visual experiences are being created to draw people in where traditional marketing can’t; Jason’s talk will also discuss some of the transformative experiences of the present, as well as those shaping-up for the future.
Speaker: Jason White

Influencers: The New Media Buy
Out with the old billboards and big box banners, in with the new social media influencers. With the continuing shift from mass advertising to branded social movements, marketers are going beyond the standard ad buy to generate brand awareness.

This talk will take a look at the world of influencers, answering questions from both sides of the fence. For marketers: How do I determine who my brand influencers are and how can I use them to positively impact my brand? How much will it cost and what’s the ROI? For influencers: How can I make money without becoming a sellout to my fans and followers?
Speaker: Meg Button

Innovation & Large-Scale Content
Irene Pereyra, global director of UX and strategy and Anton Repponen, global creative director, will be walking through an in-depth ‘behind the scenes’ of in a chronological manner, all the way from how the project started to the success and hurdles along the way, and ultimately to launch. The year-long project, which involved all disciplines within Fi, has been touted as the most innovative newspaper website ever released. They’ll also be showcasing two other big projects that will be launching this year.
Speaker: Irene Pereyra & Anton Repponen

The Last Thing the World Needs is Another Digital Agency: Lessons Learned From Building a Digital Agency
You’ve been thinking about starting an agency. Maybe a digital agency, design firm or god forbid an ad agency. Let Jon Lax save you a lot of time and headache. He will share lessons he learned from 10 years of building teehan+lax, a Toronto based company that helps clients create digital products and services.
Speaker: Jon Lax

The Law of Intention and Desire
“The Law of Intention and Desire” is one of Deepak Chopra’s 7 laws of success. Sara likes to think about this law in terms of creativity, and harnessing our innermost character to output creative work that represents who we are as individuals. Working happy and working successfully is all about doing something that you truly love. Sara’s talk will explore her personal process and how she got started when she was younger, but will also explore ideas that apply to all creative disciplines.
Speaker: Sara Blake

LEGO and Assualt Rifles: The Legal Limits of 3D Printing.
With the popularity and accessibility of 3D printing booming, the issues surrounding the freedom to design and fabricate what ever you wish are growing at a steady rate. From unattainable pieces of Lego or K’NEX, to the elements of a semi-automatic rifle the boundaries of 3D printing have yet to be fully defined. The questions surrounding the control needed for these devices right now is extremely significant to the future of 3D printing as a whole. In this presentation, Tomasz Dysinski, Senior Developer at Jam3 ( will shine a light on the issues surrounding fabrication control and present in physical form some controversial 3D printed items mentioned like the initial pieces for a AR-15 rifle, and ofcourse, LEGO.
Speaker: Tom Dysinski

Make Something Ugly: An Experimental Creative Process
Some of the most successful and prolific designers are those who implement experimentation and exploration into their design process. It is these designers that end up innovating and making the most memorable design work. Sagmeister, Josh Davis, Milton Glaser, David Carson to name a few. More and more studios are encouraging this type of creative culture to keep their designers fresh AND keep them happy.

This talk will explore ways to improve the creative process. It will include the importance as a working designer to maintain a personal practice without limitations and include an experimental component into your creative process.

It also encourages designers to take risks and make something ugly to reach innovation and to fail often and salvage beauty from mistakes.
Speaker: Myron Campbell

Marketing for the Shy Type
You can make the world’s-best new fangled widgets, but if no one sees them, you won’t get the recognition. Marketing is just as important to the success of a business as the work produced.

Find out how some of the most well known studios and startups have gained their notoriety. Hint: it’s not just about the work! This presentation will focus on various techniques – for everyone from freelancer to full-timer to founder – to market work, promote skills, and attract the most desirable clients. We will also discuss the role of awards in the art of promotion, and highlight some ways to make yourself look awesomesauce in the eyes of your clients.
Speaker: Daniel Schutzsmith

Monetizing Social Media Panel (Part of Startup Strategy)
Speakers:Rob Begg, Tapajyoti (TUKAN) Das, Tim Burke

OPM – Finding “Other People’s Money” and Funding your Entertainment Start-up
“Ideas are a dime a dozen” as the saying goes, but teams that can deliver them and more importantly raise funding for them are rare. Doubly so for entertainment products that are “hit” driven. For example: Apple’s App Store receives 26,000 submissions and updates every week….how do you make it to the top? Development ranges for small apps is between $3,000 to $8,000 while others can cost $50,000 to $150,000 or more. Marketing, promotion, administration, legal fees adds more to cost. This presentation steps through overviews of funding sources from the traditional bootstrap/self-fund, publisher funding, to crowd-funding, venture capital & angel investment. Jon will provide an overview of how each of these has evolved in recent years in the games and digital entertainment sectors and for different platforms. He will discuss considerations as to what each of these sources is looking to see from a company/team, how to present yourself and your company and the risks and benefits of each of these sources of OPM.
Speaker: Jon Kimmich

The Power of Startup Storytelling (Part of Startup Strategy)
Speakers:The HUB Halifax

Process: Destroy
Everyone needs to start somewhere when pursuing a career in the visual arts. We all start off weak, producing work we’re unsatisfied with as we do battle with our skills to improve our creative output. James White of the Signalnoise Studio will talk about his own journey from drawing as a kid and spending late nights and weekends producing work. This talk is NOT all the highlights. The bulk of the work shown and stories told are about the stuff that nobody sees from the dusty corners of the Signalnoise archive. Funny, embarrassing, heartwarming and downright crappy, James takes us through his own 10-year battle in order to eventually find his creative voice and how he wasn’t scared to destroy his own process many times over. This rust-covered presentation is not to be missed.
Speaker: James White

Serious Games
It’s time to get serious about playing games. How you can use game mechanics to increase exhibit attendee engagement, create viral network effects, and seamlessly support lead generation. Illustrated though case studies of Globacore’s 2013 work for clients including Honda, AT&T, BNY Mellon, Ebay and Intel you will learn the real world effects of applying game theory to communicate brand stories… also a little bit about recreating an 80′s video game with a Kinect, Oculus Rift, Wahoo Kickr, and an iPad.
Speaker: Ben Unsworth

Startup Sales Process (Part of Startup Operations)
Whether you are in the early stages of pitching to investors, signing on your first clients or down the path of growing your existing client base a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and a carefully developed sales process can never come too soon for your company. This presentation is designed to demonstrate how mapping your CRM ties to your sales process and how it can help you grow your business and stay on top of deals. Learn how to develop a successful and sustainable CRM methodology and sales process.

Presented by Elizabeth MacAulay of LiveLenz. Previously, Elizabeth has been a member of winning sales teams at Xerox, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly Radian6), Norex and TitanFile.
Speaker: Elizabeth MacAulay

Tying Sales and Support Together (Part of Startup Operations)
It may be tempting to forgo getting a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) if you are a start-up – after all, they consume precious resources. You are a small organization, you know your customers already and you really don’t have that many to keep track of. A simple shared spreadsheet can probably do the trick. Do you really need to be wasting money and head-space on a CRM? Greg Poirier, will tell you why a CRM is the heart and soul of your business. How it helps ensure you know who your prospects and customers are, that you bill them when you should and that as you grow quickly – your most important asset (paying clients) aren’t lost in the shuffle.
Speaker: Greg Poirier

Why Google Glass is Going to Change Your Business
Google Glass is spreading, but there are still only relatively few devices in the wild. Find out what the Glass experience is like. Learn about the potential uses for this hardware in your business and shatter the misconceptions that surround this technology. To be followed up with a hands on experience with Google Glass.
Speaker: Mike DiGiovanni

Writing Engaging Copy (Part of Startup Strategy)
You can have all the content in the world – but if no one reads it, does it matter? This session will give you insight into creating content that attracts customers and drives sales.
Martha Gallagher has created content for multinational enterprises and local startups. She believes in the importance of creating engaging content that turns sales transactions into lasting relationships.
Speaker: Martha Gallagher