Zine Fair

March 30th, 2012 by

Zine Fair
Saturday, October 26, 2013, noon-5pm

Free Admission

For information on reserving a table for 2013, please email zineexplosion@gmail.com

Brought to you by the Anchor Archive Zine Library and Strange Adventures.

For fourteen years running, this event has been an awesome, annual showcase of all kinds of do-it-yourself projects- zines, small press books, comics, posters, records, cassettes, and more.

2012 Tables

snapped in half records
white elephant button co
Mike Holmes
Invisible Publishing
Jordyn Bochon and Tim Carpenter
Conundrum Press
finders keepers printing co
Chris Foster
Yorodeo Poster Co
twelveohtwo zine distro
go it alone (together)
Anchor Archive/Roberts Street
Pop Explosion
Shay Enxuga/Ryley Samantha
Katie Hillman
Amanda Stevens
Stephen Hodder
Halifax Comic jam
Carmen Cameron
Cherry Bomb Zine
Mad Tea
trances people live/
Bunch of Farmers Press
little foible
Electric Voice Records
DIVORCE records
Not Your Normal Mama

2011 Tables

Anchor Archive
go it alone (together)
The Blaring House
Gathered Years
hand sum zine
Fish Bone Prints
Bongo Beat Records
The Radiator Collective
Strange Adventures
HFX Comix
Invisible Publishing
Robot Lust Records
Bleedingteddy Designs
Hot Teddy Design
Calling the Caves
The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe
Divorce Records
Pat Sweeney
sloppy joe chamandy
harbour water distro
trail of slime distro
Atlantic Comics
Gold Fools
90s Babies Art Collective
Yo Rodeo
Return Key Distro
Three Hares
Hot Money Records